About Us

Organisation Overview

Tailored Workforce Pty Ltd commenced its operations in April 2000, with the aim of becoming a specialist provider of total personnel solutions for our clients.
During the inception of our business, we ran multiple research programs within the labour market to identify shortfalls within other provider’s services. We discovered that the level of customer satisfaction with labour providers and recruitment firms was extremely low. Three determining factors were found to contribute to this low customer service:

The industry itself is generally immature and has not moved to the concept of total service provisioning. Generally, labour hire and recruitment companies tend to "body shop". Whilst initial support to a client is adequate, familiarity and longevity leads to mediocrity in supply.
Consultants and Account Managers that support the recruitment companies are inexperienced in the delivery of solutions and in understanding customer requirements. These companies also tend to have high staff turnover that impacts client account management arrangements.
Clients often complain that the administrative effort in managing the labour hire companies is more significant than in house labour provisioning.

The industry needed something different.
Therefore, Our Vision is:

"Industry Leadership through the provision of innovative personnel
solutions that add value to our clientele."

To achieve this, our aim is to create an industry standard to deliver total personnel solutions that is unmatched by our competitors.

Management Capability and Expertise

As we are a relatively young company, the high calibre of our Consultants and Management are crucial in bringing together exceptional 360 degree solutions.
The two principals of the business are David Read, the Managing Director and Hellen Elle, the National Business Development Manager.
David Read has had an extensive career in logistics and logistics consulting. As the former Managing Director of Dawson Consulting International, David’s expertise in all components of the supply chain is unmatched in the industry. His extensive experience is successfully utilised within the labour market.
Hellen Elle has had over 30 years of experience in the recruitment and labour hire industries. Having established the labour hire function on behalf of a number of major firms, Hellen’s success can be attributed to her broad network and her unique approach to the industry.
Together, David and Hellen bring a diverse business experience which has created a unique and innovative approach to contract labour concentrating on the key elements that create a successful business model within this specific business area.
In addition to the experienced leadership team, Tailored Workforce Pty Ltd also has the support of specialist managers responsible for the provisioning of casual labour who have supported Tailored Workforce Pty Ltd for years and as such, are experts in their specific fields.
Our team has been carefully selected for their unique skills, attributes and experience to ensure our clients are in the best of hands, at all times.

Tailored Workforce Pty Ltd Philosophy

Our "can do" culture. The Tailored Workforce Pty Ltd philosophy is unique amongst recruitment companies. This philosophy is centred around three priorities:

  • Getting the basics right
  • Getting the job done, and
  • Swiftly dealing with commercial aspects as they arise

We are not a large company, although we provide competitive rates, our success rate is based on customer loyalty and our continual drive to jointly reduce our cost base and our customer’s cost base.
We are hands on, which means that we leave nothing to chance. When problems do arise, our Management Team become actively involved.
We are accountable in all facets of our working relationships including reporting
Our overall management approach is based on a pro-active philosophy and simplicity in our Account Management and administration roles.